Benefits of a home extension with our structural engineer

If you are looking to extend an existing room, build bigger rooms or just increase the number of rooms that you have in your home, you need to speak to us at GL Design Services and find out what options are available for you. There are plenty of advantages in building an extension to your home, especially if it means avoiding moving house in this volatile and unpredictable housing market. Buying a home is not an easy task, rather it is thought to be one of the most stressful events in your adult life. By considering an extension to your home you can avoid getting involved in negotiating a mortgage and it also helps you avoid the inconvenience of finding a suitable new home in a location that you are pleased with at a suitable budget. You can also avoid packing, relocating, renovating and unpacking. By speaking to us at GL Design Services you can extend your home outwards, upwards with a loft conversion or even downwards with a basement conversion with the help of our structural engineer Croydon.

Here at GL Design Services we have a civil and structural engineer Croydon with extensive experience in house extensions, including single-storey extensions and multi-level extensions. With our team we carry out a range of property refurbishments such as wall and chimney breast removals.  We can also design and create a range of roof conversions for busy households and growing families.

Our website has plenty of examples of our work as well as our client testimonials, so that you can read for yourself and find out more about our strict professional standards and excellent customer service. We are here to help make your house an even better home than it already is, making the most of the space you currently have as well as getting the most out of the remaining space that is available for you. We will find out about the difficulties that you are experiencing in your current home, if there are any, or if you are simply looking to boost the comfort of your home, then we will help design the optimal home for you.

Increase the value of your home

Not only does a house extension add comfort and convenience to your home it also helps add great value to your property. On average a good extension can add 12 to 18% to the actual value of your home. You will achieve extra space for yourself and your family, and an extension is often much cheaper than investing in purchasing a new home.

Here at GL Design Services our most common extensions are kitchen extensions and loft extensions and as mentioned, there are examples of these on our website. If you would like to find out more visit our website and fill in the form to discuss your upcoming project with our structural engineer Croydon and see how we can help, or contact us directly by phone or email and speak to one of our friendly and skilled team. We look forward to hearing from you soon.