CAD drawings

We provide complete structural solutions from concept design sketches to fully-detailed drawings developed by using CAD technology. We develop comprehensive and detailed drawing output to ensure there are no issues on site.

Cost to remove a load bearing wall

Removing a load-bearing wall from a home to open-up the space and light-up a dull room that hardly gets any sun is a great way to improve your home and make it more appealing. While you may be worried about the cost of knocking down a load-bearing wall, it can often work out much cheaper

Chimney wall removal

Removing a chimney breast from an older property is a common request we receive from homeowners who plan renovation works in their houses. However, care must be taken when planning to remove the stack and adequate support specified in the wall. You may want to remove chimney breast from a ground floor room and this

How to tell if a wall is load bearing

When a house is built, it will include load-bearing walls that support the weight of the structure. Load-bearing walls help to stabilise the building and gives your home the strength it needs to stay upright. Because load-bearing walls bear most of the weight of your house, it is essential that no building or renovation works

Structural engineer for a house extension

Many homeowners wonder why they would need a structural engineer for a house extension or major internal renovation. In most cases, you may be able to save yourself some money by planning out your building project yourself and then bring in a structural engineer to look over your plans and do the structural calculations for

Loft conversion structural calculations

Loft conversions have become a popular choice with homeowners who would prefer to stay where they are but need a bit of habitable space to accommodate a growing family or to create a comfortable home office to allow them to work from home. A lot of people are now realising that having a loft conversion

Structural beam calculations

No matter what type of building work you are planning, getting the structural calculations right is essential for the success of your project. And nothing is more important than your structural justification for your load-bearing beams as these are integral to the safety and integrity of your building project. To cut to the chase, your

Structural calculations for house extension

Taking on an ambitious renovation project such as a house extension is bold but you must have a plan in place that will get you the approvals from your local council and will meet with all current set of Building Regulations. Failing to get a the works regularised for your home extension or carrying out