Checking engineer services and Category 3 checks (CAT3)

Sometimes an independent professional is required to perform a sanity check of the proposed structural design to ensure that the proposal developed by others is structurally sound and safe to implement. This is especially important for temporary work projects during any building demolition works to make sure that everyone working on site will be safe.

This formal check is called a Category 3 check and GL Design Services have extensive experience in performing these checks on a wide range of construction and demolition projects.

The actual check is carried out to closely study and review the proposed design and to highlight any issues and suggest safer design modifications and changes before any work goes ahead. Our team of experienced civil engineers will use our years of training and expertise to ensure the safety of the design and to provide you with added value during the checking process.

What we look for during the CAT3 check

GL Design Services will conduct a thorough check of your proposed design to make sure it is competent and will highlight any design issues or faults we find. We will suggest safe design modifications and if we feel there is a need, we can advise you of other design options you could take that will give you more desirable results.

With our design checking services, we will always look at ways to improve the design and where possible to make it more cost-effective with more efficient planning and use of appropriate building materials.

Most of the designs we check are completely sound but any changes we do suggest will depend on the individual project and its end purpose. We may make recommendations that would be more cost-effective or less labour intensive by using different building materials or design modifications.

Our dedicated team work to the highest of standards and our outstanding reputation is built on our trustworthiness, attention to detail and our ability to save our client’s some money wherever possible. Our experienced team are dedicated to maintaining our level of excellence.

Meeting your budget and timelines

For anyone wanting to undertake a building project in their home, you must keep control of your project’s budget and timescale. No one wants their budget to run away with them or to have construction delays that mean you are left hanging for weeks on end.

These things can happen without having a sound project plan to follow and an accurate costing of your labour and building materials. By using our comprehensive CAT3 design checking services, your designs will be reviewed and we will make both mandatory and optimal design changes that you need to ensure your project comes in on time and on budget.

Ensuring the safety of your property

GL Design Services perform CAT3 or 3rd Party Checks for a wide variety of construction projects, for example for any temporary works involved with the demolition and dismantling of old outbuildings for a proposed kitchen extension, adding an extra room above an attached garage, and more.

No matter what your design plans are, you will want your construction team to be working from plans that are ideal for your intended application. Our CAT3 design checking services will ensure this happens and that the stability of your premises will not be compromised.

You will be issued with a  Design/ Check Certificate to meet the needs of your mortgage or loan company requirements.