Do I need a structural engineer?

When you are considering making changes to your property, or you want to build one from scratch, it is essential that you have a structural engineer Croydon on board. A structural engineer in Croydon will ensure that the integrity of the building is maintained when you are planning alterations or when it is built. Nobody wants their house to collapse when building it or adding an extension onto a load-bearing wall.

Our job is to ensure that the structure of your property is safe and reliable, and we will advise you on how to make it so when you are implementing changes or modifications or building from scratch.

Our structural engineer Croydon at GL Design Services has been building a fantastic reputation in the area for over 14 years. Our team is fully UK-qualified and highly experienced in making grand design dreams a reality. We pride ourselves on bringing projects within budget and by the agreed timelines. 

What types of work do you do?

We can help with domestic and commercial projects as well as small projects like a loft conversion right through to full property renovations or new builds. We use CAD technology to produce all of our drawings right from the initial ideas stage, so you can easily see and understand the structural implications of your plans. We can also ensure that our plans are clear so that builders can follow them easily when creating the vision; this should minimise the room for any errors and delays being caused. Delays and errors often cause increased costs, going over budget and missing deadlines. We strive to ensure that our plans assist builders in avoiding such issues and being able to complete the works as expected, allowing them to continue with their upcoming projects and giving you the outcome you expect. We can advise on-site, if required, to further support the building work.

Building Regulations

Of course, when building any additional space or new build, you will have to ensure that it meets relevant part of Building Regulations. Our structural engineers are essential to ensuring that any plans you have achieve this. We will prepare structural plans that will adhere to Building Regulations (Part A), so you can relax knowing that everything has been done to satisfy a Building Control inspection. You would not want to find you had built a property or altered an existing one only to be told that it did not meet these standards. By coming to GL Design Services, you can remove this fear because you can trust that our designs will be appropriate to the integrity of the building, and this means meeting Part A of Building Regulations.

Find out more

For more information about our services, simply give our friendly team a call, and we will happily discuss your project, no matter how big or small it may be. We are here to help you achieve your building vision safely and in the most cost and time-effective way possible. So, don’t procrastinate any longer, let’s get started!