Extend your home with our structural engineer

If you are running out of space in your home and thinking about a home extension then you need to contact us at GL Design Services and get in touch with our experienced structural engineer Croydon. We have helped hundreds of homeowners in London with their house extensions and our skilled team will put together an excellent home improvement plan for you with the help of our structural engineer Croydon.

Things to consider when planning an extension

A new extension can have a big impact on your home; our structural engineer Croydon will ensure the success of the new space, making certain the extension is the right shape and size and that it will add value to your home. We will find out what size extension will be permitted as many extensions do not require planning permission, known as permitted development rights. There are strict criteria on what is considered permitted development, and we will be able to make sure that the extension is planned accordingly. There are some types of extensions which would be permissible under permitted development, but that may not receive planning permission from your local council. Therefore, understanding the nuances will allow us to make the most out of what is possible to do with your space.

There are many factors to take into consideration with an extension. For example it is important to think about how natural light will permeate the space and impact the existing house. If this is not considered you could end up with dark and often redundant spaces in the original parts of your home where natural light can no longer reach. This is particularly important in extensions that go beyond the real wall of the existing house. You should also think about how sound can resonate in this space, large open plan spaces can be echoey. You may need to think about how the extension will be divided or whether or not it needs to be separated from the rest of the house. A lack of separation for different uses can result in less flexibility in what you can do with your new space. Our structural engineer is here to help and make sure that it is the optimal space for you.

Further considerations

To begin with we will find out how you wish to use the space and how this can be incorporated with your existing home. If you live in a conservation area or in a listed building adding an extension may require further considerations and these will need to be designed  according to certain specifications, often requiring full planning application or listed building consent. We will carry out a pre-application which may also be advisable in these instances, allowing the proposal to be discussed informally with the authorities before we make a formal application. Once we understand what is permissible in terms of your extension we will design the ideal space for you.

Speak to us at GL Design Services today. If you visit our website you can take a look at examples of some of our work as well as read our client testimonials to find out more about us and the quality of service that we are able to provide. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you to improve your home and bring positivity into your life.