How much does a loft conversion cost?

With so many more people working from home now than ever before in history, there has been a recent boom in homeowners having loft conversions. Loft conversions not only help people to make the best use of all the available space in their home but is now key for homeowners looking to use their loft space as a home office or workspace.

On average, a house that has a loft converted to provide extra workspace can increase its value by up to 15% in the London area. So if you are working out whether it is worth going to the expense of converting your loft, you need to factor in the extra value that doing this will bring you.

In a lot of cases, the cost of having a loft conversion can be offset greatly by the added value the extra space gives to your home’s market value. If you are thinking of selling your home, it is interesting to know that more house buyers are now actively looking for home workspaces already in place.

The cost of adding a loft conversion

Depending on where you live, you can expect to pay on average between £30k – £50k upwards for a typical loft conversion. But this will be based on many factors including the size of your loft, the type of your home, internal specifications and structural support layout.

There is no one-size-fits-all price for a loft conversion simply because each loft will be designed to meet the homeowner’s individual needs. This means the cost will vary wildly from a next-door neighbour wanting to have a loft conversion for a completely different use.

A loft conversion project cost cannot be accurately estimated without having a structural engineer’s output. Your quote will also be dependent on your architectural loft plans and what fixtures/ fittings you want to be included in your build.

Most victorian houses can have a loft conversion done so if you are in possession of planning drawings why not contacting one of our experienced engineers at GL Design Services to see how we can help.

To give you a rough estimate of loft conversion costs, a dormer loft conversion in London will cost anything between £27k – £50k. Mansard loft conversion costs an average of £40k upwards. Hip to gable loft conversion can cost in the region of £42k – £50k.

Cost-effective loft conversions

By far the most cost-effective and quickest way to convert your loft is to have a skylight or Velux window loft conversion. This is the cheapest type of loft conversion if you want to keep the costs of your conversion project down because it will not need as many structural supporting members in comparison to a dormer-like conversion.

While this type of loft conversion is a quick way to use the available space in your loft, it isn’t the best type of conversion for gaining more head space or taking advantage of the full potential that your loft may offer.

To have a skylight loft conversion your loft needs to have enough head height from the floor joists to the bottom of the ridge beam. Adding Velux windows helps to maximise the level of natural light you can bring into the loft.

To get our expert help and guidance about your new loft conversion project, get in touch with our team at GL Design Services.